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Dysmetabolic Syndrome Leads Lancy to Weight Loss Surgery

Nov 20 2019

When Lancy was in elementary school, she was diagnosed with dysmetabolic syndrome which threw her into the pattern of constant dieting at a young age.

“This form of diabetes causes my body to produce too much insulin and it does not use it,” says Lancy.

She recalls numerous conversations with her parents, along with lots of money spent, in an effort to lose weight against a condition that made weight loss and maintenance nearly impossible.

Lancy felt as though she had exhausted all of her weight loss options. Surgical weight loss had crossed her mind in the past, but as she was about to turn 21, she decided it was time to get more serious.

“I did my research before choosing to pursue surgical weight loss and I knew that if I wanted to be healthy for the rest of my life, this was the right choice,” says Lancy.

Finally, Lancy attended one of the free seminars offered by St. Francis Surgical Weigh Loss. She began to feel excited about her new journey after meeting with Dr. Anderson. She also had the support of her parents, boyfriend and the surgical weight loss program to help her reach her goals of a healthier future.

“I loved that the St. Francis Surgical Weight Loss program made me comfortable during the surgical weight loss process. I knew I had a team of people cheering me on at all times and helping me become the best version of me. You are not just another patient with this team. You can go to them for life.”

Post-surgery, Lancy says that her life has changed in the best ways possible.

“Besides an increase in confidence, my health is 100 times better.”  She feels better about herself and says the smaller clothes are just a nice benefit of the whole process. “My main goal with this surgery is to be healthy for the rest of my life and now I know I will be.”

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