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How a Diabetes Diagnosis Kick Off Ron’s Weight Loss Plan

Dec 17 2019

Ron was first diagnosed with diabetes in 2003. The diagnosis didn’t come as a big surprise. Goodwin’s family had been affected by diabetes for years. For Ron to be diagnosed with diabetes at the age of 35 seemed par for the course.

At the time of Ron’s diagnosis, he weighed a whopping 427 pounds and went by the name “Big City.” Ron figured diabetes was his fate, his destiny, and he didn’t put much effort into changing his lifestyle to battle the disease. But by 2008 he started to feel some of the effects of the disease. His vision became blurry and his hands and feet were often numb. His issues continued to get worse, and in that same year, it was necessary to amputate one of his toes, and in 2009 another toe, and another toe in 2012. By 2012, ulcers were consuming Ron’s feet and the consensus was that at some point both of his legs would need to be amputated just below the knee.

Finally, Ron decided to make some changes. He began a series of hyperbaric oxygen therapy treatments that spanned over the course of two years, 60 treatments. He then decided to pursue surgical weight loss because he was determined to live.

Ron claims that surgical weight loss has changed his life. It has helped to remove the diseases and allow him to live a happier and fulfilling life. Choosing St. Francis Surgical Weight Loss was an easy decision for him. “God is in this place,” he says.

And being healthy has opened the doors for Ron. His life has now given way to entrepreneurship and giving back to the community.

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