Bill Harris

Bill’s Dedication to Volunteering During the Pandemic

Apr 23 2021

Bon Secours St. Francis Medical Center is a state-of-the-art facility with 130 private rooms offering the latest in digital technology and a full spectrum of services. Our peaceful setting provides a restful and contemplative environment for patients, families, team members and the community. However, one of our most treasured groups providing compassionate care in many unique ways are our volunteers.

Everyone at St. Francis Medical Center considers themselves lucky to count Bill Harris among our volunteer team. He is reliable, compassionate, professional and a gentleman who spends his time volunteering at the 130-bed facility. He was one of the first volunteers to return during COVID-19 last year, often working alone and picking up extra shifts, but always with a gracious spirit.

“What we really appreciate is his focus on patient safety,” says Deidre Foerster, volunteer manager at the hospital. “We are not the only ones who notice these qualities.

Nurses say that Bill is very engaged with the mothers and new babies, and they know their patients are in good hands when he helps out with their discharge. The screeners downstairs in the hospital lobby have commented that Bill never hesitates to say something if he sees someone without a face mask, and that they have heard him kindly explaining to new volunteers why things are done in new and different ways as a result of COVID-19.

Bill is very safety conscious, a quality that’s important to have from someone who spends so much time every day with patients and their families.

A member of one of the inpatient units says, “Bill is so polite and always helpful. He often goes out of his way to help our nurses and patients. I really appreciate him.”

Another team member comments that Bill “has the best ‘dad’ jokes and is so sweet with our patients. We love when he comes up to the unit – he makes us all smile.”

Bill has volunteered with St. Francis Medical Center more than 13 years and logged nearly 4,000 hours. He exemplifies our mission every shift and clearly has an impact with the service he provides. He’s sincere and humble.

We are thankful for Bill and all our volunteers during National Volunteer Week. We so appreciate their kind and consistent service.

Learn about the volunteer opportunities we offer at Bon Secours.

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