Pamela Reflects on the Role Models Who’ve Inspired Her

Feb 17 2022

“Black History Month is setting aside time for all people to reflect and appreciate African Americans and the contributions we’ve made to the world,” Pamela Dougoud shares. “The strength, unity, beauty, creativity and overcoming spirit of our people allows us all to celebrate those that have paved the way for us to live and fulfill the purpose God intended for this life. A life to serve others and to be help to ALL those in need.”

Pamela is the lead mammography technologist at Bon Secours DePaul Women’s Imaging. She has been in the field of radiologic technology specializing in mammography for a total of 38 years, working in health care facilities from Virginia to Oklahoma. Pamela is also responsible for all federal and state inspections for her department that was awarded the Breast Center of Excellence Accreditation from 2015 to today.

Pamela credits many role models throughout her life that helped her become the leader in health care she is today.

“The most influential person in my life was my grandfather,” she states. “He has encouraged me most of my life to love God and serve others. He would always ask me what I want to do when I grow up and preached that staying in school was the best for my life. I will never forget him telling me, ‘learn a trade that no one can ever take away from you. Wherever you go, you can always get a job.’ He would also say that the medical field is a vast job market where you can always get a job.”

Pamela continues, “I was also greatly influenced by my pediatrician, Dr. Cypress. I remember a time in sixth grade that I was outside at night playing football in the streets. I tried to catch the football and it slammed down on my pinky finger. There was immediate swelling and pain. My mom took me to Dr. Cypress, who was an African American doctor that I had been to many times. He took an X-ray of my finger and showed me where my finger was broken. He took the time to show me and I was marked that day. Every paper I had to write, I always wrote about the field of X-ray. X-rays seemed intriguing to me because I was so amazed how you could see in the human body with pictures.”

Today, Pamela now proudly serves as a role model to those in her community wanting to go into the medical field.

“One piece of advice I have for Black medical students is to make sure you serve others with the gift and compassion that God entrusted to you and to do good in the midst of circumstances such as being judged, doubting yourself or even fear,” she shares. “See yourself with the finish line always in front of you. I’m reminded of Harriet Tubman and the desire on the inside of her to be free. Her faith in God and knowing even through everything she saw and endured, she knew it was God leading her but not only for herself but to serve and help many others. There is no greater love than to serve mankind.”

Pamela adds, “the value of diversity and inclusion allows us to work alongside each other and learn about and from each other. We each have different talents that we bring to the table, but we are all of one race: the human race. As a health care worker and being a part of a ministry that aligns in giving care to all people, it helps us stay focused in moving forward.”

We are so lucky to have Pamela Dougoud as part of our ministry as she lives through our mission every day. Black History Month and every month we are grateful for team members like Pamela who make our hospitals and communities better.

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