Robin, Robert and Robert's father

Robin Springs Into Action on an Airplane to Help Her Teammate’s Dad

Dec 3 2021

Robin Johnson, chief nursing officer at Bon Secours Memorial Regional Medical Center, was sitting on an airplane in Tampa, FL with her husband. They were on their way home to Richmond, VA following a vacation.

Robin had boarded the flight early, and while she was waiting, she noticed an elderly gentleman who was boarding with assistance from a medical air transport company. While being transferred from his wheelchair to the seat, his leg was cut, causing him to bleed profusely.

Robin, always a nurse and caretaker no matter where she is, noticed the incident happening and jumped into action to assist the man and the medical transport team by stopping the bleeding.

After the pilot assessed the accident, he determined the plane had to be cleared for cleaning, However, he allowed the man stay onboard to prevent any more injuries.

As it turns out, the elderly gentleman was the 88-year-old father of Robert Kondakor, an ultrasound team leader at Memorial Regional Medical Center!

In fact, Robert was on this same flight because his family had recently decided that their father, who had been in and out of hospitals in Tampa, needed to be in Virginia where Robert and his family could provide better care for him in their home.

Once Robert boarded the airplane, the medical transport team briefed him on his father’s pre-flight injury, and he was grateful that a nurse was on the plane and had assisted his father in getting the bleeding under control. It was only later during the flight that Robert learned the nurse was actually a team member of his.

“When I was able to board, my father, the flight paramedic, the flight crew and the pilots all said how amazing and caring Robin was. Everyone was truly impressed,” Robert shares.

The two have worked together at Memorial Regional for years. They discussed his father’s health before landing, and they concluded Robert would bring his father to Memorial Regional Medical Center for treatment.

Robert says that both he and his father were so blessed that Robin was there during that overwhelming and scary time.

“Robin sprang into action because helping others is her second nature. She is the true definition of a Good Samaritan who is committed to this ministry and our mission.”

Both Robert and Robin believe it was no coincidence that they were on the same plane.

“I am a firm believer that God knows where we are needed and places us there at specific times,” Robin shares.

Robert’s father was recently discharged from Memorial Regional Medical Center after weeks of healing. Before he was discharged, Robin, Robert and Robert’s father had the chance to visit together and bond over their shared experience.

Robin feels she made a new friend for life. And Robert is grateful for Robin’s quick thinking as well as his other team members at Memorial Regional Medical Center for providing excellent care for his father.

We’re also so grateful for Robin and our other nurses who are dedicated to caring for patients at Bon Secours, where nurses mean the world!

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