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Our Virtual Options Provide More Convenience Than Ever Before

Jun 25 2021

Bon Secours is dedicated to keeping our patients’ health and safety a top priority. This is why we’ve made connecting with your provider even easier! You can now choose to meet your provider in our clean medical offices or connect with them virtually at your convenience.

To meet each patient’s individual health care needs, we have different virtual care options available.

A secure patient portal, MyChart, is available to make connecting with your provider, viewing your test results or refilling a prescription easy and safe. No matter where you are or what time it is, you have access to your care team.

Video visits offer you a convenient way to have a face-to-face visit with your provider through a video chat on your computer, tablet or smartphone from the comfort of your home. To ensure a secure visit, these scheduled appointments are administered through MyChart or Doxy.me. Need to schedule a video appointment? Visit our website to request one with one of our primary care providers. By using the filter feature and selecting “Scheduling Virtual Visits,” you’ll find a list of providers who offer virtual visits.

Also, learn more in this video:

And finally, Evisits allow you to receive a diagnosis for non-urgent conditions through a simple questionnaire where you will be asked about your symptoms. You will receive a message with your recommended treatment plan after a Bon Secours Medical Group provider reviews the information you provided along with your medical history. Evisits can be conducted at any time! You just need to log in to MyChart and click ‘Begin an Evisit’.

Raana Naidu, MD, one of our family medicine physicians, wants to see patients in a way that is convenient for them. He believes in these new methods so much that he has begun exclusively caring for his patients through virtual care.

“Video visits allow me to interact with each patient from their home face-to face – although not physically – and pick up on cues related to their health,” Dr. Naidu shares. “It allows flexibility for the patient and ultimately creates a better patient and physician relationship.”

Patients are telling us about the benefits virtual care too.

One patient recently shared, “It’s so easy and convenient, especially when you need care for something you know you have and don’t want to go into the office for (like mastitis and pink eye). Providers offering easy ways to get care for things like that taken care of is awesome.”

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