Richmond Market Celebrates Providers Who Are Going Above and Beyond

Mar 22 2024

On Feb. 22nd, we proudly hosted the second annual Richmond Market Physician and Advanced Practice Clinician Awards. This event was a heartfelt tribute not only to our dedicated providers but also a testament to their willingness to go above and beyond the call to serve. They are truly living the Mission of our ministry to provide good help to those in need.

Before the ceremony, nominations poured in from our team members, recognizing outstanding contributions across various categories such as the Community Service Award, Quality Award, Core Value Award, Engagement Award, Mission Award and the Sister Elizabeth Durney Award.

Additionally, peers had the opportunity to nominate individuals for the titles of APC of the Year and Physician of the Year, which were both awarded for each of our Richmond market’s seven hospitals and the medical group, as well as for the market overall.

Our Provider Engagement – Wellness Committee reviewed more than 200 nominations from peers and interdisciplinary team members to determine the deserving recipients.

In total, we celebrated 34 remarkable providers from across the market, each embodying the essence of dedication and excellence in their service to our communities. We are proud to honor and celebrate them along with all our physicians and APCs who work tirelessly to improve the health of our communities.

“Pursuing a career as a health care provider is more than just a profession; it’s a calling,” Mike Lutes, our Richmond market president, shares. “It requires passion, resilience and an unwavering dedication to the health and wellbeing of others. Our physicians and advanced practice clinicians have profoundly impacted the lives of our patients and their families as well as our staff and our community. We are proud to honor and celebrate their contributions.”

Congratulations to all of our winners!

Community Service Award

  • Adrienne Wass, CRNA
  • Mary Anne McFerren, PA-C
  • Zvonko Spasic, MD

Quality Award

  • Avinash Pillutia, MD
  • Mitchell Shiffman, MD
  • Nicole Ashlee Heely, NP

Core Value Award

  • Aarat Patel, MD
  • Katri French, NP
  • William Moore, MD

Engagement Award

  • Joran Sequeira, MD
  • Kaitlin Deters, DO
  • Mary Lucchesi, MD

Mission Award

  • George Parker, MD
  • Goutham Mandadi, MD
  • Tiffany Pajic, NP

Sister Elizabeth Durney Award

  • John Port, MD
  • Carolyn Spilman, NP

APC of the Year

  • Richmond Market: Amanda Roy, NP
  • Medical Group: Ashley Elliot, NP
  • Memorial Regional Medical Center: Jennifer Karabin, NP
  • Rappahannock General Hospital: Kathryn Armstrong, NP
  • Richmond Community Hospital: Keith Hart, NP
  • Francis Medical Center: Traci Wakefield, NP
  • St. Mary’s Hospital: Erin Perlmutter, NP
  • Southside Medical Center: Tonya Shah, NP

Physician of the Year

  • Richmond Market: Daphne Bazile, MD
  • Medical Group: John Clore, MD
  • Memorial Regional Medical Center: Diane Sinnatamby, MD
  • Rappahannock General Hospital: Mahmoud Jawhar, MD
  • Richmond Community Hospital: Dennis Cohen, MD
  • Francis Medical Center: Omar Tahir, MD
  • St. Mary’s Hospital: Dustin Anderson, MD
  • Southern Virginia Medical Center: Michale Cielinski, MD
  • Southside Medical Center: Eugene Park, MD

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