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Our Ministry’s Relief Aid Supports the Ukrainian People

Apr 11 2022

Those of us at Bon Secours Mercy Health (BSMH) are like you, heartbroken by the stories and images coming from Ukraine. Innocent men, women and children have fled their homes and been forced to live a life of fear in the face of the Russian invasion.

Fortunately, our ministry is well positioned to assist with relief efforts, as we have strong international aid experience, a European health care presence and direct contacts in Ukraine. BSMH has pledged $500,000 to aid the people of Ukraine. This total is in addition to the nearly $200,000 previously provided by Bon Secours Ireland and BSMH Global Ministries to Catholic Relief Services, Americares and Medical Help Ukraine.

Additionally, our team members, board members and donors continue to give and have donated more than $200,000 to date. On top of that total is a matching $50,000 from BSMH Global Ministries’ disaster fund.

The Bon Secours Mercy Health Foundation is making it easy for you to join in relief efforts with 100 percent of your financial donation supporting emergency relief aid.

The ongoing needs of the Ukrainian people are great, so please consider visiting our website, making your donation and encouraging others to do so, too. Your secure donation can be made via credit card, ACH payment or through PayPal.

Your generous gift will be used to:

  • purchase and transport medical supplies to Ukrainian hospitals
  • provide shelter, food and mental health services for refugees at the border
  • support refugee relocation to other nations
  • other needs as the crisis evolves

“As a ministry, we are focused on bringing good help to those in need, both home and abroad, and when we see people suffering, we know we must take action,” John Starcher, BSMH CEO, shares. “Our ministry leaders in Ireland and the United States are actively engaged, having made contact through close partners with the Ministry of Health of Ukraine to identify exactly what is needed and how we can mobilize support.”

Just weeks into the war, supplies purchased in Poland entered Ukraine via trucks. Our donors’ gifts purchased resuscitation masks, intubation kits, catheters, ortho collars and hemostatic dressings for hemorrhage control. These are items of great need at all Ukrainian hospitals.

BSMH Global Ministries is utilizing two partners for mobilization of our support: Medical Help Ukraine, a group of Ukrainian doctors working in Ireland who have banded together to deliver medical aid, and the Polish Rescue Organization, an independent, physician-founded nonprofit that is purchasing medical supplies for Ukraine. As long as supply channels remain open in Ukraine, our identified partners will continue to procure supplies in Europe and transport them to where they are needed.

We are grateful for your consideration in joining our relief efforts and ask you continue to pray for peace and for the people of Ukraine.

Again, you can make your donation to help the Ukrainian people today by visiting our foundation website.

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