William J. Irvin, Jr, MD

Leaving No Stone Unturned for Cancer Treatment Options

Dec 30 2021

There are a growing number of examples where a specific anti-cancer drug shows relatively exclusive benefit for tumors of a particular molecular composition. However, the fast pace of data generation, the expanded burden across clinician time, liability and case complexity as well as the uncertainty of medication access has held back the routine application of comprehensive genomic profiling, also referred to as CGP.

But this is now changing for cancer patients in our Richmond market!

We are proud to announce the collaboration between Bon Secours Cancer Institute and Clarified Precision Medicine to provide our physicians with expert opinions on treatment options based on a patient’s specific tumor DNA. Every physician at Bon Secours now has access to the expertise of the leading practitioners of precision oncology. This potentially gives patients more effective treatments or additional therapeutic options to treat their cancer while providing physicians with improved confidence in interpreting genomic results.

“Our cancer institute and Clarified work together to heighten the application of precision oncology to our patients,” William J. Irvin, Jr, MD, medical director of oncology for Richmond and director of clinical research for Bon Secours Cancer Institute, shares (pictured above, left). “Our teams collaborate to have a ClarifiedSelect™ molecular tumor board expert review of each patient undergoing CGP as part of their cancer care. The use of next-generation sequencing of a patient’s tumor tissue has opened up treatment opportunities that may have not been otherwise available for these patients. It also gives us assurance to ‘leave no stone unturned’ for a patient’s treatment options. We have been able to use this data to select therapies that we may not have necessarily thought about starting next, with success.”

Through this unique partnership, our Bon Secours physicians order the ClarifiedSelect™ report, ideally at the time of ordering the CGP test. Upon receipt of the CGP test report, an expert-reviewed ClarifiedSelect™ report will be created and returned to the ordering physician. The report is available to provide comprehensive treatment guidance informed by molecular features via nationally recognized experts. This documentation augments access to off-label therapies and other approaches used to assure patients have access to important immunotherapy and targeted therapy options. 

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