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Dr. Bridges Wins 2021 Richmond Physician of the Year

Apr 1 2022

An inaugural celebration event was hosted by our Richmond leadership team back in February. The event was held to gather team members together and celebrate the many successes of 2021. Additionally, prior to the event, our Richmond team members were asked to nominate associates in three categories: physician of the year, leader of the year and associate of the year.

Our ministry is honored to announce that Dr. Clifton “Lee” Bridges was named Physician of the Year for 2021! He received this honor because of his steadfast dedication to meeting the most urgent needs of our health system and community.

Dr. Bridges is a partner with Monument Pathologists, Inc. but serves in many capacities at Bon Secours, including as the regional medical director for Bon Secours HealthPartners Laboratory, as well as the medic hospital director for Bon Secours St. Mary’s Hospital and Bon Secours Rappahannock General Hospital Laboratory. He also chairs St. Mary’s Hospital Quality Council and serves on several other key committees, including Medical Executive Committee as chair of pathology, the Serious Event Task Force and the Patient Blood Management Committee.

Over the last two years, Dr. Bridges’ proactive response to anticipated crises has allowed our ministry to carry out its Mission of serving our communities despite extenuating circumstances. Some of these crises have included a raging COVID-19 pandemic, an unexpected measles outbreak and the dissolution of the blood supply.

Dr. Bridges also served as a beacon of knowledge on timely COVID-19 topics such as different variants, testing options and vaccinations. He supported team member webinars on these topics, which delivered complex information in a simplified format. Dr. Bridges arrives to meetings prepared with solutions. He helped to update the pre-procedure testing protocol when COVID-19 became almost dormant, having to almost immediately shift in reverse with the rise of the delta variant.

Overall, Dr. Bridges is a committed, kind and humble individual. Despite dealing with an ongoing cycle of now almost predictable “fires,” he remains calm and focused, inspiring other leaders. The impact of his work is unmeasurable, mainly because it is the work of preventing what might have been had our ministry not had his anticipation, communication, transformation and leadership over the last two years. He is a true servant leader and most deserving of this award.

Congratulations, Dr. Bridges, on being a true servant leader! You are most deserving of this award.

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