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How Our New Online Price Estimator Tool Works

Oct 27 2021

When you visit your doctor or are considering a procedure, you might find yourself wondering: How much is that going to cost?

Being able to plan financially for your health care is important. We want you to be prepared for both your physical and financial well-being. That’s why we offer an online price estimator tool with over 300 services included. The best part is the estimate is customized to you.

So, how exactly does that personalized estimate work?

It uses your insurance information.

By entering your insurance information, you will get a more accurate estimate. You just need your name, date of birth and insurance member number. You can also skip this step if you don’t have insurance or would like to get an estimate without using insurance.

It knows the rates for your chosen facility.

Chances are, your provider has referred you to a specific Bon Secours location for a service. Or perhaps you prefer a specific Bon Secours hospital near your house. This tool takes those preferences into account and gives you the pricing information based on a specific location.

However, remember it’s not a comprehensive cost.

While this online price estimator tool can be helpful, it’s not a guaranteed price.

Final charges may vary based on multiple factors. For example, different or additional procedures may be provided in order to give patients the best care.

Additional claims may be processed with your insurance provider. Also, some fees may be billed separately. Examples of these include professional fees such as physician services, radiology interpretation or anesthesiology services.

If you have an upcoming procedure or service scheduled, you’ve got enough on your mind. Our online price estimator tool is here to help you take out some of the guesswork and provide a personalized estimate. Try it out today!  

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