Want to help? COVID-19 supply donations

Thank You For Your Generous Supply Donation Offers – Here’s How You Can Get Them to Us!

Mar 26 2020

We continue to receive very generous offers from organizations and community members seeking to donate supplies in response to the COVID-19 supply shortages facing health care systems across the country.

In order to facilitate the receipt and distribution of donated supplies, we have established a central donation mechanism for consumers and organizations seeking to donate to our facilities.

Currently, we are accepting donations of goggles, face shields, masks, latex gloves and Tyvek suits.

Our communities continue to reach out about donation of handmade / non-clinical masks. Standard masks are still our best protection and we are working to ensure our health care workers continue to use standard issue masks. However, at this time, we are also accepting donations of handmade masks. Any donated handmade masks will be evaluated before distribution to clinicians or patients. Please check out these step-by-step instructions for creating masks, if you’re interested, or check out the instructional video below.

Our quality, safety, supply chain and clinical teams are collaborating to evaluate the type and volume of donations, as well as areas where we may have additional needs and we’ll continue to update resources here with details.

If you have supplies you want donate, or are aware of people in your community looking for places to donate, please direct them to use the below contact information.

EMAIL: APRush@bshsi.org with subject line: DONATION

PHONE: 888-383-8000

Please note – to ensure the health and safety of our patients and care teams, donations should NOT be brought directly to our facilities.

If you would like to support our teams on the frontline with a financial donation in lieu of supplies, you can do so by visiting our foundation website.

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