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COVID-19 Mythbusting: Get Educated with the Facts

Apr 14 2020

Every day COVID-19 information floods our news feeds. Sometimes it can be a challenge separating the facts from the myths. Filtering out speculations about this virus and finding the truth is key to protecting yourself and your family during this time.

Read through this list of COVID-19 myths and learn the truth about each.

Myth: Younger people are safe from COVID-19; it only infects older people.

Truth: No one is safe from getting infected by COVID-19. While older individuals and people with pre-existing medical conditions have more risk for complications, healthy people can still become very ill from the virus too.

Practicing social distancing is so important right now. It helps protect not only your health but the health of your loved ones and fellow community members.

Myth: If you can hold your breath for longer than 10 seconds, you’re healthy.

Truth: Breathing exercises do not accurately determine whether you are ill. The only way to confirm you have COVID-19 is through testing. With testing being limited at the moment, monitor your symptoms and stay home unless you need to seek medical attention.

Myth: Hot weather kills COVID-19.

Truth: Warm or hot weather does not kill this virus. Areas of the world with warm climates are reporting COVID-19 cases. Additionally, heat from sources like hand dryers or a hot bath will not kill the virus.

Myth: Mosquitos can transmit COVID-19 to humans.

Truth: No evidence suggests that COVID-19 is transmitted through mosquitos. As it is a respiratory virus, COVID-19 mainly spreads through droplets that are produced during a cough or sneeze.

Myth: Drinking alcohol protects you from COVID-19.

Truth: Alcohol consumption will not prevent you from catching the virus or kill the virus if you are sick. Excessive and frequent alcohol consumption actually weakens your immune system. It can also lead to an increase in other health problems.

Myth: Spraying alcohol or chlorine on yourself will kill the virus.

Truth: A virus that has already entered your body will not be killed with alcohol, chlorine or any other chemical. These substances can cause harm to your skin and clothing, too. When used appropriately, bleach can disinfect contaminated surfaces in your home.

Myth: UV light and lamps kill COVID-19.

Truth: UV lamps should not be used when sterilizing hands or any other part of the body. Radiation from UV light can irritate skin and can even cause damage. The best way to sterilize your hands is to frequently practice proper handwashing.

Myth: Flu and pneumonia vaccines help prevent COVID-19.

Truth: Vaccines for flu, pneumonia or any other illness do not prevent individuals from becoming sick with COVID-19. COVID-19 is a new virus that will require its own vaccine.

Myth: Rinsing nasal passages with saline prevents infection.

Truth: There is no confirmation that rinsing nasal passages with saline will provide protection against COVID-19. This method sometimes helps with recovery from the common cold, but nasal rinsing has never been effective in the prevention of respiratory infections.

Stay updated on what Bon Secours is doing related to COVID-19.

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