A part of the MSNBC interview with our Bon Secours physicians

Bon Secours Physicians Urge Everyone to Take COVID-19 Seriously

Aug 5 2020

South Carolina has unfortunately been emerging as one of the nation’s COVID-19 hot spots. The area has experienced a dramatic surge in cases over the last couple of weeks.

Marcus Blackstone, MD, chief clinical officer at Bon Secours St. Francis Health System in Greenville, SC, recently addressed this issue on MSNBC. During the interview, he noted that patients being admitted to hospitals with COVID-19 are now younger, sicker and staying in the intensive care unit longer than before. He also shared that while many people are focusing on the statistics, frontline staff members are face to face with the actual people behind those numbers.

“When you see young people die, when you see people who were exposed by somebody else – it wasn’t because of what they did – and they die, that’s tough to take,” says Dr. Blackstone.

Bon Secours emergency physician, Dawn Zellner, MD, was also featured in the MSNBC segment. As one of the team members who treats COVID-19 patients daily, she implored individuals to help stop the spread of this virus by taking standard precautions such as:

Check out the full news clip here:

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