Bon Secours Community Works Offering 17th Annual Tax Clinic through April 10th

Apr 8 2021

If you live in West Baltimore and you need assistance preparing your 2021 state and federal tax returns, Bon Secours Community Works is a trusted resource.

For nearly 20 years, we have operated Our Money Place, which offers low cost tax preparation services to West Baltimore residents. We offer current year federal and state returns, back taxes, individual taxes, business and corporate taxes and amendments.

Our consultations are provided by tax preparers who are licensed by the state of Maryland for individual and corporate taxes. In previous years, we helped secure more than $665,000 dollars in federal returns and more than $180,000 in state returns to our clients.

Interested in a free consultation, but not ready to commit to having us prepare your taxes? No problem. Our friendly staff would be happy to answer any questions you may have, even if you don’t want to use us. We want to help the community and provide you with the right information.

This year due to COVID-19, our services will be offered virtually with in-person document drop offs by appointment only.

In order for our team to best assist you, please bring all the appropriate documentation, know how you want to file your taxes and come prepared with any questions. A checklist outlining the required documentation for filing your taxes is included below.

Remember: no matter who prepares your taxes, be sure to ask questions. Once you put your signature on your return, the responsibility for any errors rests with you. If your preparer isn’t able to answer your questions, seek a second opinion. You should never sign something you don’t understand.

Tax Prep Checklist

Services we offer:

  • Current year federal and state returns
  • Back taxes
  • Individual taxes
  • Business and corporate taxes
  • Amendments

Please bring:

  • Current state ID or driver’s license
  • Social security card for each family member (no copies)
  • W2 forms for all jobs worked in 2020
  • Childcare provider statements to include name, address, and tax ID number of provider and full name and address of child
  • All bank account information (you can deposit refunds in up to 3 accounts)
  • Copy of last year’s tax return
  • Any documentation about money you have received from the IRS or Maryland
  • All 1099 forms for other income (if any)
  • Any other tax-related documents
  • Joint returns must have signatures of both adults
  • Medical insurance as reported on or all the following forms: 1095-A, 1095-B, 1095-C
  • A list of the amount(s) of any economic stimulus funds you received
  • $25 deposit/payment (no cash accepted. Money Order or Certified Check only, payable to: Our Money Place)

To quality for EIC, you need 3 of the following:

  • Your current lease, listing all dependents,
  • Valid Maryland ID or driver’s license for dependents
  • Dependent W2
  • Statement from dependent’s school
  • College student 1098T (tuition statement)
  • Healthcare provider statement
  • Childcare provider statement
  • Placement agency statement
  • Dependent bank statement
  • You must provide a birth certificate for dependents born in 2017 and those not yet in school or daycare
  • You must provide birth certificate for child AND parent if claiming nephews, nieces and/or grandchildren

Disability of a qualifying child over 18 years old, you need one of the following:

  • Doctor statement
  • Other health care provider statement
  • Social services agency or program statement

Schedule C and E fliers must present information to confirm business information:

  • Must present documents or other information to confirm the existence of a business and amount of Schedule C and/or E income and expenses to be reporter on the return. i.e. business license, 1099 forms, summary of income and expenses, bank statements, etc.

The cost for our services is $25 if you are Earned Income Credit (EIC) eligible this year (some exceptions apply). If you are not EIC eligible, a fee will be determined at the time of service. Also, a non-refundable $25 deposit is required.

All fees include free e-filing for both federal and state returns. Please pay with money order or certified check payable to Our Money Place. No cash accepted.

Our Money Place is located at 26 N. Fulton Avenue, Baltimore, MD 21223. For more information or to schedule your virtual appointment, call 410-801-5100 or email

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