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Julie Hikes Machu Picchu with Her Family

Sep 5 2019

After being diagnosed with heart failure, Julie Ozcelebi thought her life would never be the same. However, thanks to expert cardiac care at Bon Secours, Julie and her family were able to hike the infamous Inca Trail to Machu Picchu in Peru together.

Julie, a resident of McAllen, TX, never thought she would experience heart failure. Not only does her work as a registered nurse keep her busy, she is also a mother and wife. Her family constantly relies on her. However, following complications from a major surgery, Julie received her heart failure diagnosis and reality set in.

Thankfully, Julie received amazing care from Dr. Roberta C. Bogaev, FACC, FACP. Over several months, Julie worked closely with Dr. Bogaev to develop a personalized treatment plan. Dr. Bogaev’s end goal was to get Julie back to the same quality of life she had prior to her diagnosis. Julie really wanted this too as she truly missed activities with her family and working with patients.

“Dr. Bogaev was able to motivate and instill belief in me that I could, and would, get better,” Julie says. “I may have died, but I am here today completely recovered because of her outstanding care of my physical and mental well-being.”

During her initial treatment in 2016, Julie learned Dr. Bogaev was relocating to Bon Secours St. Mary’s Hospital. Despite the distance, Julie decided to continue treatment with Dr. Bogaev without hesitation.

While traveling to Richmond, VA to see Dr. Bogaev, Julie stays at the Bon Secours Reinhart Guest House on the campus of St. Mary’s Hospital. The donated meals and beautiful rooms help make her feel at home.

“The Reinhart Guest House offers a warm, homey feel that is supportive for patients and their families. And, it’s in an ideal location that’s near my doctor,” says Julie.

This past April, Julie learned her heart and cardiac output have completely returned to normal. If fact, she is a 59-year-old with the heart of a 40-year-old!

“I believe that Dr. Bogaev is the most progressive physician in the nation. She’s well-versed on the newest technology and medications for heart failure treatment,” says Julie. “As a result of her treatment plan, I am back to 100 percent with no restrictions.”

Julie continues to travel to Richmond to see Dr. Bogaev. Thanks to the health care Julie received at Bon Secours, she is back to living her best life.

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