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Four Fireworks Tips to Help Keep You Safe

Jul 1 2020

Keep your Fourth of July fun and safe.

Fireworks are often associated with food, parties and a lot of fun. However, for the thousands of people sent to the emergency room from fireworks each year, it’s a much different experience. While fireworks can be a lot of fun, they should be handled with caution. Use these fireworks safety tips to enjoy your light show with ease.

Fireworks Safety Tip #1: Read Labels

Just because you’ve used fireworks in the past, doesn’t make you an expert. Because all fireworks are different, reading labels is important to make sure you are setting fireworks off correctly. It can often be surprising how different each set of fireworks can be. Therefore, taking extra caution is always recommended.

Fireworks Safety Tip #2: Keep Water Nearby

If a firework doesn’t work, soak it in a bucket of water. Fireworks should never be re-lit. Knowing the dud fireworks are in a bucket of water will prevent anyone at the party from trying to do so.

Fireworks Safety Tip #3: Help Children

While kids are often enticed by the bright lights, you should never let them operate fireworks on their own. Always have an adult take the lead. This is also a great opportunity to teach children safety tips, as they watch the supervising adult.

Fireworks Safety Tip #4: Avoid Alcohol

Simply put — alcohol and fireworks don’t mix. If you want to have a few drinks, choose someone else from your group to operate the fireworks. A little common sense here goes a long way.

Putting safety first ensures fireworks will be a fun and safe experience, as intended. From all of us at Bon Secours, we wish you and your family a very happy Fourth of July and a great rest of the summer!

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