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Navigating Crowds in the Current COVID-19 Climate

Jan 27 2022

Whether you’re traveling or meeting friends for dinner, being among people comes with extra precautions these days. With rising COVID-19 cases and new variants of the virus, it’s not unusual to be worried.

Fortunately, we’ve got a few tips that can help keep you safe at gatherings and in crowded situations. Please note, the following tips apply to people who have had a vaccine for COVID-19 and have received their booster shot. Other individuals need to take even more precautions at this time.

Strategies for eating out

If you have a craving for a night out at a favorite restaurant, choose a place that offers proper COVID-19 practices.

These include:

  • A strict cleaning policy
  • Good ventilation
  • Masking for employees
  • Outdoor seating

Avoid restaurants with buffet dining. Make sure to wear a mask when walking through a restaurant and when talking with restaurant staff. And if you’re wanting restaurant food without the worry, takeout is always an option. You can bring your food home and enjoy it there.

Tips for travel by plane

Crowded airplanes are the perfect places for germs to spread. If you have to travel by plane, look for flights with few or no layovers. When possible, avoid crowded sections of airports and keep about two arm lengths between you and the next person in line.

Right now, masks are required in airports and on planes. Remember to also wear one when traveling to and from the airport via public transportation or car service. Lastly, it’s always a good idea to keep hand sanitizer nearby while traveling. For the best germ-killing power, make sure your sanitizer contains 60 percent alcohol.

Ways to be safer during gatherings

We all want to be near friends and family. However, if you live in an area with a COVID-19 spike, it’s best to skip large, in-person gatherings at this time. And if you do gather with loved ones, make sure everyone is vaccinated and try to stay outdoors.

If the weather requires you to be indoors, try these tips:

  • Make use of floor and window fans to ventilate your space
  • Open windows and doors to draw in fresh air
  • Place an air purifier in a central location

Getting vaccinated for COVID-19 remains the best way to avoid severe illness and hospitalization due to this virus.

Still have questions or concerns about the COVID-19 vaccine? Learn more on our Bon Secours website.

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