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7 Easy Ways to Volunteer During the Pandemic

Dec 21 2020

We’ve all experienced a pretty big shift in our routines and lifestyle during the COVID-19 pandemic. While social gathering restrictions have limited the availability of some volunteer opportunities, there are still plenty of ways to get involved and bring good help to those in need.

Whether it’s offering financial support or volunteering from home, getting involved is a great way to spend your holiday season. No matter what your skillsets are, you can find a rewarding way to participate!

Volunteer at a local food bank

Many food banks and food pantries need volunteers to help sort and pack donations, using safe practices. Whether it’s simply donating food or products to the locations, or signing up to help in person, many food banks have figured out how to operate effectively while adhering to safety guidelines.

Deliver meals or groceries

There are national meal delivery services that are always looking for volunteers, but you may want to look closer to home. If you have a neighbor, friend or family member that’s considered high-risk for COVID-19, ask if you can do their grocery shopping for them or surprise them by dropping off a meal.

Give blood

One unfortunate side effect of the pandemic is that blood supply has dropped dramatically. Contact your local blood donation sites to set up an appointment. They should have COVID-19 safety precautions in place.

Assisted living virtual visits

Many senior living facilities are looking for volunteers to participate in virtual video visits with residents. This is a great opportunity to get high-school and college-aged kids involved. Contact a local facility to see if they’re participating in these.

Become an online tutor

Are you a math wiz? What about a history buff? Get in touch with your local school district to see if they need help with after school assistance. These sessions are held virtually and are available throughout the school year.

Get involved with a local hospital

Many hospitals have charitable programs that extend outside of the physical hospitals.

At Bon Secours, the Evelyn D. Reinhart Guest House has a variety of ways to volunteer. From baking cookies at home to deliver to the families, to buying a gift from the virtual giving tree, you’ll be supporting your local community through a great cause.

Learn more about opportunities with the Reinhart Guest House.

Support a front-line worker

There are people working around the clock to keep us safe and make social distancing as convenient as possible. From delivery drivers to grocery workers to the men and women in our hospitals, they all deserve our gratitude this year.

Setting out bottled water and snacks next time you get a package delivered, buying lunch or coffee for a hospital worker or tipping the grocery clerk with a gift card is an easy way to show them you still appreciate everything they’re doing to keep us safe.

Learn about the health care services we provide at Bon Secours and find a provider near you.

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